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Being a regular at your favorite coffee shop

Aside from traditional loyalty programs, being a regular at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop is incredibly rewarding. There is nothing more powerful than walking in and knowing all of the staff by name. Even better, they all know you by name. The connection that you get with your baristas at your habitual coffee shop is a special type of connection.

We are all creatures of habit. It’s possible that you get the exact same thing when you order every morning. You may even have that barista behind the counter who goes above and beyond by simply asking “Are you having your usual today?”. Talk about a connection. Baristas see hundreds of patrons and make countless coffee drinks each day. Yet you and your order are worthy enough to have established a place in their mind.

If you’re old enough, this may make you think of the Cheers theme song: “Where everybody knows your name”. This does a great job capturing the essence of the perks of being a regular.

Being a regular means baristas will have your back

When the team knows your order, they may get the order started for you right when you walk into the store. At the very least, they will be primed and ready to go. Being a regular creates a natural means of skipping the line.

Additionally, if a food or coffee item that you typically order is out of stock, the team goes above and beyond to make up for what is missing. Yes, this is true for all customers. But you’d be surprised how the team can make up for any shortcomings when you are regular of a store. Forget your wallet at home? They may even cover you that day. (Tip: Don’t abuse this, and if this happens you absolutely should pay them back the next day).

Impress people when you bring them to “your” shop

When you bring a friend or colleague to meet with the shop, you have a team backing you up to help you establish credibility. Whether it’s your family that’s in town or a customer or business partner, you will enhance your credibility by demonstrating the relationship you have with the staff.

A community that cares about your success

Over time, you will get to know the folks working at the store and they will get to know you. For both personal and financial reasons, they are going to want your continued business. This creates a natural environment for the team to have a vested interest in your success: a happy and healthy customer is a customer for longer. We’re all in this together.

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Conclusion: being a regular

This article only scratches the surface of the benefits that come from being a regular at your local food service shops. Everyone may have their own individual reasons, but it often boils down to the connection that is developed with the staff.

Note: Ordering coffee with mobile app

Do you typically use a mobile ordering app to get your coffee fix? It may be convenient, but consider reducing this practice and getting your coffee the old fashioned way. One of the best parts of being a barista is the connection that you establish with your customers.

Not to mention, you will likely enjoy the connection just the same with your coffee team. Baristas are highly personable people who enjoy the energy that comes from being in front of customers. They are a special breed with a servant-mentality, and an emotional awareness that far exceeds the general population.

We are passionate on the efficiency and overall levels of customer satisfaction that come from ordering your coffee when you walk in the store. Check out our more in-depth article if you’re curious to learn more on why we prefer in-store presence over mobile ordering.