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Coffee shops in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country along the coast of southeast Asia. The economy is growing at a very fast rate. A large part of this growth is due to its booming tourism industry. But what about Coffee? When we learn about notable coffee regions, Vietnam is not likely the first place people will think about. This is a shame, however, because Vietnam is one of the world’s largest exporters of coffee.

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What is Vietnam like?

Vietnam is a country filled with motorbikes, delicious food, and beautiful scenery everywhere you go. Vietnam boasts welcoming people that inspire how we approach our own customer service. If you are planning a trip and looking for places to go on a budget, consider Vietnam. You can easily find affordable hostels throughout the entire country. It is should not be too difficult to keep your lodging cost to $5 per night. Note: You will need to apply for a Visa.

Coffee shops in Vietnam

There is no shortage of coffee shops in Vietnam. If you are a creature of habit and prefer to stay in your comfort zone, we recommend ordering a cappuccino. Here you get to experience what the delicious espresso of Vietnam is capable of. (The typical drink of choice by locals is an iced coffee type of beverage, served with a lot of sugar.)

Coffee shops in Vietnam do a fantastic job incorporating natural elements into their store. This adds a layer of bliss because you’re never far away from a scenic cloud-covered mountaintop, or a breathtaking coastal view. Here’s a few cities that we recommend for finding top knotch coffee shops:

  • Hue – a city in central Vietnam
  • Da Lat in southern Vietnam’s Central Highlands
  • Hanoi – of course, the main city in Northern Vietnam
  • Ho Chi Minh City – of course, the main city in Southern Vietnam
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Hospitality in Vietnam

All restaurant owners and store managers should take a lesson from how restaurants and coffee shops in Vietnam treat their customers. You will never be asked to leave or even be bothered for staying somewhere for too long. Quiet music and a serene ambiance is ubiquitous. Oh and not to mention you certainly will be able to find fast and free WiFi in the vast majority of coffee shops.


In conclusion, if you have a chance to visit Vietnam you definitely should make a note to check out all of the local coffee shops. If you are a current store manager or restaurant owner, you are bound to find inspiration on how you can improve your store.


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The majority of our coffee is specialty grade coffee from Vietnam roasted in small batches. We also source much of our tea from Vietnam. You can learn more about Command Coffee here.