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Getting started early: the early bird gets the worm

Our coffee shop up is up and running early each day. Starting at 4:30am, Monday through Friday, our doors are open. There are many benefits that come from getting started early. While this post can easily be written off by those who consider themselves to be “night owls”, I implore you to consider this article from a different perspective.

Yes, waking up early in the morning is great. It enables you to enjoy your first cup of coffee in peace and as well as other incredible benefits. But many of these benefits hold true regardless of the time you wake up. What matters most is that you get started early.

A lesson from gymnastics on getting started early

Athletes who start earlier in their competitive sport are better than their peers who started later. Gymnastics is a great example of this where most serious athletes start in elementary school.

High school gymnastics however is unique. It is a team-oriented, collaborative environment that introduces new athletes to the sport. Many gymnasts that participate in the high school level are brand new. There are however a few that started in middle school and earlier. These are the people that dominate.

In short, the athletes with the most success are the ones who start early. Over the course of those four years, the athletes as freshman will climb up the ranks. By starting early as freshmen, the once new gymnastics eventually can compete on varsity just the same. And the success they are capable of is incredible.

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It’s never too late to start

Starting early is a decision you are faced with each day of your life. That’s why I love waking up early — it’s a chance to reset. It’s a chance to start new each day. When you get started early, you have time more to reflect and make changes to how you do things. When we start early at our coffee shop, it gives us a chance to be fully prepared for when the morning rush starts.

Conclusion: Getting started early comes with sacrifices

When it comes to getting started, you have to make sacrifices. There is a finite amount of time in our lives for so much to be done. We have to make tough decisions. If you want to start getting into the habit of waking up early. You are going to need to get in the habit of going to bed early. It’s as simple as that.

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