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Keep employees and your team happy

How do you retain employees? What is it that keeps a team engaged with their leaders? These questions are important for organizations to consistently grapple with. It doesn’t matter how good the people are that you bring on if you can’t keep them around and engaged.

Each individual has their own needs and desires. It is the manager and leader’s responsibility to establish trust with their team. A key to establishing trust is early engagement — starting on day one. This trust is critical because it allows individual contributors to open up and share what these needs are.

You may find that your team members have goals that will lead them away from the organization. This cannot be stopped. But often, there are ways you can keep your team with you while simultaneously helping them develop.

How to increase employee retention

First impressions speak volumes about people. But it also holds true for organizations. The onboarding process that you have for your staff plays an important role with the chances your employee will invest time with you in the long run. In fact, one study found that new employees who has a structured onboarding program had a greater likelihood of being with the organization after three years.

New hire orientation: the key for keeping employees engaged

Successful companies have shown that an immersive orientation program is a key feature of successful onboarding. Does your organization have an orientation program? See our blog post here for tips on a successful orientation.

Collaboration with current employees

Make sure your current team takes the time to acknowledge and welcome the new employees. Getting to know each other right from the start will allow for real relationships to develop over time.

On the first day, always ensure your new team members are going out for lunch or coffee with you or an existing employee.

Immerse your team in your products and culture

Employees must be educated on the specifics of your offering, of course. But they also must fully understand the values that drive you forward. For example, at Command Coffee we make sure each employee is crystal clear on our values: obsession with the customer, ambition and openness, health, hygiene, and prosperity and self-improvement.


To summarize, you can’t keep every employee around forever. But by taking the time up front to immerse them with your people, product, and higher level mission you can increase the chances that they will stay.

Why take so much time to care for your employees? Simple. Because if you treat your team right, they will cascade how they are treated to your customers and other stakeholders around you.