Colombian Supremo - Light Roast

Our Colombian Supremo light roast is the most popular roast we offer and brings the classic Command Coffee flavor that our Indy customers know and love. We use it for our cold brew, iced coffee, and even our espresso. We also have the dark roast version available here.

This coffee is 100% Arabica. We recommend ordering this as Whole Bean and grinding right before brewing. However, you can also choose to have us grind the coffee before we ship it out to you.

This Colombian Supremo scores between 80 and 85 in terms of coffee grading. We are currently roasting the 2021 crop, so it’s the freshest possible. Colombian Supremo is the largest size bean available in Colombia with a screen size of 17 or 18.

Colombian Supremo – Light Roast – Tasting Notes

The light roast brings out the flowery and fruity notes of this bean. Hints of cocoa, with soft cranberry-like acidity. Balanced, medium body. Refreshing finish reminiscent of cherries.


We source this coffee from Theta Ridge in South Bend, Indiana. Theta Ridge has been in business for decades and has developed relationships with farmers that only time in the industry can.


Ground Type

Whole Bean, Ground



Command Coffee’s Roasting Process

We always roast in micro-batches on a 1-kilogram roaster (about 2 pounds per roast). We roast between 200-500 pounds per week for our own coffee shop alone, which has allowed us to rapidly learn.

The small roaster allows for us to roast on-demand, and fulfill the needs of our e-commerce store and other wholesale customers as needed.