Taking action towards Black equality

The injustices of our Black brothers and sisters are unacceptable. It’s unfortunate that damage was done to communities, but people of color must be treated equally and the killings must stop. Far too many have suffered from the racism of our country. Many of our systems and institutions were built during racist periods, and it’s important for us to accept that fact, and gain a deeper understanding of what that means and how it affects us today.

Command Coffee exists to enable our customers, employees, and communities to take command of their day. Delicious coffee and tea is a great first step towards action, but feeling safe, welcome, and accepted as equals are essential stepping stones before being caffeinated and feeling energized. This organization is committed to ensuring that you, whoever is reading this, and every person we serve and bring onto our team is treated as our fellow brother and sister.

We have contributed to the NAACP and are working to develop a system that enables Black youth to gain computer proficiency skills and teach these to their peers and elders in small groups. Command Coffee plans to be a place where these small groups can meet. 

To our partners and customers, we encourage you to give some thought into how our team can be active in the mission of equality for all our brothers and sisters. Take some time to reflect on your thoughts on the recent events, and please email us at community@commandcoffee.com with any thoughts, ideas, or questions you may have.  

It is an understatement to say that 2020 has been an unprecedented year so far. It has provided Command Coffee with much to consider, much to learn from, and much to grow from as we begin our journey of making a dent in the universe. We will do so with an acute understanding of the importance of health and equality for our fellow humans.