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Orientation tips for successful employee onboarding

Employee orientation can help your company achieve greater success, increased engagement and reduced turnover from your team. If you’ve worked at a big company before, you’re certainly familiar with orientation. Orientation can be as long as two weeks and as short as two days. If your orientation is less than two days, you should take some time to make sure you are following all of these tips below:

  • Complete all paperwork beforehand
  • Have laptops, emails, and other resources setup beforehand
  • Rigorously train on product offering
  • Take your mission and values seriously
  • Involve the leadership team and other company leaders
  • Take the new team members out to dinner at a top restaurant in the area

Highlight: Product and culture training

These two tips are such an important aspect to orientation that it was necessary to repeat. No matter what role they are in, product training is critical to ensuring that your team understands your customer’s thought process.

Additionally, by integrating culture training into this orientation as well, you are able keep your employee aligned in their day to day actives. Everyone gets off track sometimes, and a good manager should be there to ensure the path is set straight. When both manager and employee have been acclimated to your culture, this realignment can be more consistent and reliable.

Keystone habits and employee orientation

Habits and momentum are powerful. It’s in your best interest to get both of these rolling in the right direction as soon as possible. In his book, The Power of Habit, Charles Duhig defines keystone habits as:

“habits that matter more than others in remaking business and lives.”

The Power of Habit, Charles Duhig

To take advantage of this, identify a few key priorities of your organization in orientation and make sure each employee has a crystal clear understanding of how they emulate these through their actions at work.

For example, as a coffee shop, one of our key values is hygiene. We always share stories with our new employees about what has influenced the values. Vietnam has played a major role in our upcoming, and it’s something we want all employees to be aware of.

Conclusion: Is employee orientation necessary?

Yes. Give them the attention they deserve. If you do not take the time to immerse your new hires, you are jeopardizing a whole lot of time and effort that went in to recruitment.

Follow the advice above to use employee orientation as a means to achieve success and engagement from your team.