Command Coffee Roasts

Command Coffee Roasts

Who doesn’t love to start the day with a cup of coffee? Or take a well-deserved break in the middle of the workday? The full body and rich aromas of freshly brewed coffee can instantly make your day better. 

With any of our Command Coffee select Honduran and Ethiopian roasts, you can make a great cup of coffee for a great day. At Command Coffee, we’re proud of our select roasts available online. You might find your next brew based on our coffee descriptions, but what makes them so delectable and easily enjoyed anywhere? 

Our selection of roasts comes from Honduras and Ethiopia– two countries that grow delicious and unique roasts because of where and how the coffee beans grow. These roasts are bold and full of flavor, with different flavor profiles unique to each country and region they’re from. Tasting these roasts is a great way to explore these countries without booking a plane ticket!

How do Honduran and Ethiopian coffee beans differ? We’ll go through the coffee descriptions so you can find your favorite roast! Command Coffee has some of the best coffee in Indianapolis, available to purchase online to brew at home and enjoy anywhere. Here’s the difference between our selection of Honduran and Ethiopian roasts.

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Honduras Coffee

Honduras coffee is unique, mainly because of the country’s distinctive topography. The country is primarily mountainous, yet it shares borders with the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Honduras coffee has unique nutty and fruity flavors and other flavors depending on the region where a select roast was grown. 

Climate, altitude, weather, and soil type are all factors that affect the flavor of the coffee roasts. Because Honduras has very different climates, altitudes, weather, and soil throughout the country, Honduras coffee ranges in flavor profiles, notes, and volume. At Command Coffee, we’re proud to offer some of the best coffee in Indianapolis, including coffee from the Marcala and Comayagua regions of Honduras. Next, we’ll go through coffee descriptions of Honduran coffee and how they differ in richness and taste.

Honduran Coffee at Command Coffee

You’ll find a range of Honduras coffee available at Command Coffee. We offer Honduras Santa Lucia from the Comayagua region and Honduras Californeo and Honey Decaf from the Marcala region. All three have unique flavor profiles perfect for any coffee lover looking to try something new and tasty.

Honduras Santa Lucia

The Honduras Santa Lucia bean is from Tres Pinos, Comayagua, and is produced by the renowned De La Finca coffee makers. These coffee beans are from central Honduras and are grown at a high altitude. This area of Honduras sees different seasons, and the Santa Lucia roast has notes of citrus, caramel, and nutty flavors. 

Honduras Californeo

The Honduras Californeo bean is honey processed. Honey processing leaves fruit mucilage on the coffee bean, which looks like honey. In traditional coffee processing, the fruit and mucilage surrounding the coffee bean are washed away, leaving the coffee bean to be dried and roasted.  This single-origin coffee is sweeter than other roasts. 

Honduras Honey Decaf

The Honduras Honey Decaf is a great roast to wind down with at the end of the day. As the Honduras Santa Lucia roast, the Honduras Honey Decaf is also produced by De La Finca coffee makers and grown in the Marcala region of Honduras. This roast was decaffeinated without using chemicals, making it a great alternative to caffeinated coffee. 

Now that we’ve reviewed our Honduras coffee descriptions, let’s look at our Ethiopian Coffee selection and what makes it unique.

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Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian coffee is widely regarded as the world’s first coffee. Since the 10th century, Ethiopians have roasted coffee as part of a ceremonial ritual and community event. Ethiopian coffee beans are primarily grown in the mountains, and the six coffee-growing regions of Ethiopia each produce unique flavors of beans. 

Ethiopian Coffee at Command Coffee

At Command Coffee, we proudly offer Ethiopia Sidama and Yirgacheffe roasts, each with one-of-a-kind flavor profiles. Below are the coffee descriptions for these two Ethiopian coffee roasts.

Ethiopian Sidama

The Ethiopian Sidama roast comes from the southern part of the country in the Sidamo region. This roast has notes of strawberry, raspberry, and chocolate. This coffee is a perfect roast after meals or as a sweet treat throughout your day.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe roast also comes from the Sidamo region, but unlike the Sidama roast, it has floral, chamomile, and vanilla notes. The subtropical climate of this region gives this roast its sheer quality. 

Where coffee grows significantly alters how it tastes, which is evident when comparing Honduran and Ethiopian roasts. You’ll have to try them all and see for yourself! Exploring these different roasts is one way to explore the world from the comfort of your home. 

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The Best Coffee in Indianapolis

At Command Coffee, we’re proud to offer some of the best coffee in Indianapolis and worldwide. Whether you prefer light or dark roasts, ground or whole beans, we’ve got something for every coffee enjoyer.

If you’re local to Indianapolis or visiting the city, stop by and visit us at 2910 N. College Avenue on weekdays and weekends! Our cafe is near the heart of Indianapolis, and we also offer our roasts online for coffee lovers worldwide. Love what we have to offer? Be sure to subscribe and save on our selection of international roasts! Very few things are better than coffee except saving money on your coffee. At Command Coffee, we prioritize customer service and exceptional tastes. Order yours today, or stop in!

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