How to Find Quality Coffee Near Me

How to Find Quality Coffee Near Me

Do you want to know how to find quality coffee near me? The average American drinks three cups of coffee a day. If you are going to spend so much time on one drink, best be sure it is quality. Finding quality coffee is a simple task that takes a surprising amount of introspection. After all, what one person considers quality coffee, another might consider subpar coffee. Although some quality coffee characteristics can be put up for debate if a coffee shop meets or exceeds the expectations described in this article, you can be sure you will find the quality coffee you are looking for. Quality coffee will come from a shop with passion; those large chain stores might be nice for a dose of caffeine, but nothing will compare to the experience you will receive from a local café and coffee shop. In this article, you will learn how to find quality coffee near me.

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Coffee Near Me

You could begin your search for quality coffee with a simple google search. “Quality coffee near me.” You are sure to find lists and lists of local cafes with great coffee, but how can you discern their coffee quality just by looking at their name and website? It is not like you can smell the aroma or taste the coffee from behind the screen. If you don't want to take a chance on a new coffee shop without any info to back up its quality, it is time to do some research. There are a few things you can do to discern the quality of a local café before you take your first sip.


Reviews are a great place to start when learning how to find quality coffee near me. If a local café serves quality coffee, it will have many positive reviews. Specifically, you should look for reviews describing the coffee. If the consensus in these reviews is that the local café serves excellent coffee, you can be certain that they are worth a try. If you notice a few bad reviews, that is not necessarily something to worry about. Investigate why someone would leave a bad review. Was it for something in the coffee shop’s control? Did the coffee shop comment below the review and make it up to the customer? Sometimes people are unlucky enough to have a bad experience at an otherwise fantastic place. A business that strives to correct mistakes is a sign of a business that cares about its customers and strives for quality customer service.


Quality coffee starts with quality ingredients. A shop that is transparent about what they put in its coffee and where they source those ingredients from will be more likely to serve quality coffee. You might be able to find ingredient information on the coffee shop's website. They should use fresh, perfectly roasted coffee beans for the best quality coffee. If you are concerned about your cup of coffee’s socio-environmental effect, you should also look into how the coffee is sourced including working conditions and the local and global environmental effects. 

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Scent and Flavor

The most important way to learn how to find quality coffee near me is simply by tasting the coffee. Although learning about coffee online can give you an idea of the quality, nothing beats holding the coffee in your hands. Take in the aroma of the coffee.  It should be fragrant. Take a sip. Most importantly, do you like the taste? No matter how fancy the coffee’s ingredients are if you do not like the taste, it is not worth spending your money on it. The flavors should complement one another and blend rather than clash. It should not taste burnt. Quality starts with the coffee beans. Quality coffee beans are known to have a pleasant kind of bitterness. It should not taste rancid or sharp. That is how to find quality coffee near me.

Local Café

If you want to learn how to find quality coffee near me, you are going to need to branch out. Do not be afraid to try different local coffee shops and local cafes. You may find a gem in a place you least expect. In addition to finding stellar coffee, supporting a local cafe as opposed to a chain store means you are supporting local businesses. By supporting local businesses you will benefit your entire community. If you want to enjoy coffee in Indianapolis, the perfect place to try is Command Coffee.

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Coffee in Indianapolis

Command Coffee has some of the best coffee in Indianapolis. If you want coffee in Indianapolis and want to learn how to find quality coffee near me, Command Coffee is the place for you. We will help you take command of your day with our selections of quality coffee. Our coffee is roasted in-house for that perfect scent and taste. Don’t feel like drinking coffee? Need a bit of food to go with your coffee? Command Coffee also has you covered. In addition to our fantastic coffee selections, you can pick up a healthy, fast, and convenient salad. We only offer a limited number each day, so if you want one, come early for these popular salads. Our baristas know what they are doing.

Although our building is located in Indianapolis, those out of town or even those who want to enjoy our delicious coffee at home will be glad to know that you can order our coffee beans online and have them delivered to your home. We have happy customers from all over the country, including people from Virginia, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Chicago, Pennsylvania, and of course, Indianapolis. We strive to satisfy all of our customers no matter if they come to us in person or online. 

Get in touch with us to learn more. Check out our website today for some of the most high-quality coffee beans on the market or visit us in-store for a taste of the best coffee. Order something from our permanent menu or try something from one of our seasonal menus. You will not regret it now that you know how to find quality coffee near me.

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