The Perfect Place For Breakfast and Coffee in Indianapolis

The Perfect Place For Breakfast and Coffee in Indianapolis

What Makes A Perfect Coffee And Breakfast Shop?

Simply put - we are always searching for a delicious cup of coffee. In fact, more than 50% of U.S. adults have their daily dose of coffee. While we can always make our coffee at home, it’s just not the same experience as visiting an actual coffeehouse in person. 

As a leading provider of the perfect place for breakfast and coffee in Indianapolis, Command Coffee offers us caffeine lovers a memorable experience. Whether you need a quick fix while rushing to work or prefer a sit-down experience in our cafe, we dedicate ourselves to providing the best local coffee and breakfast. In this article, we will review our signature and classic coffees, coffee pairings for the best breakfast in Indianapolis, and how we offer a unique customer experience.

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Quiet Ambiance

The best shops for breakfast and coffee in Indianapolis usually seek to make a great first impression. Just as first impressions matter when meeting someone new, so do first experiences—your initial experience with a new environment matters. The best shops provide a comfortable and welcoming experience. 

Despite high or low customer traffic, our shop offers a clean and spacious environment for you to sit down, sip your coffee, and enjoy the ambiance. You might have searched the web for a relaxing early morning breakfast near me or researched the best coffeehouses to do work. Either way, Command Coffee is dedicated to using quiet machinery so you can enjoy your time with us. 

Inclusive Environment

Like seeking a quiet ambiance in the early morning hours before work, Command Coffee prides itself on an inclusive environment. On occasion, you may have ventured into the coffee shop experiencing high traffic, little seating, and overwhelmed baristas. Settings like that do not create a calming morning experience or encourage repeat customers. 

We offer the best breakfast and coffee in Indianapolis simply because we offer an entire experience - from ensuring you have a sit-down meal, to enjoying ethically sourced coffee, and a quiet ambiance. 


When searching for early morning breakfast near me, you may discover that our coffeehouse appears several times. Whether you need a quick caffeine boost from our drive-through or looking for an Instagram-able coffee lounge, our shop meets all your needs. In fact, not only do we offer classic year-round coffees, but we also offer trendy seasonal drinks as well if you are in a festive spirit!

Easy And Convenient

We put the customer’s needs first. Whether you visit our store for a sit-down breakfast, pull in through our drive-through, or buy beans on our website, we strive to exceed your needs. We pride ourselves on being the perfect place for breakfast and coffee in Indianapolis because we always provide a positive customer-centric experience. 

High-Quality Services

We treat our employees as considerately as we treat our guests. We recognize that an inclusive environment does not just apply to welcoming all our guests with open arms but also applies to our employees. As a new company, we seek employees who wish to grow with our company and continue providing high-quality service to both guests and employees.

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A Quality Experience

Command Coffee ensures all customers enjoy a quality experience with us. Whether you order breakfast on the go or have dietary restrictions, we promise to do our best to meet your needs.

Healthy Food

Our coffeehouse takes a holistic approach to food service. With some of the best breakfasts in Indianapolis, we carry the healthiest food options. Grab a Chobani Greek yogurt and one of our grain bowls for quick breakfasts. 

Coffee And Tea

Our wide variety of coffees is roasted in-house with premium beans. Consider ordering our whole beans online for a delicious at-home cup of coffee

Specialty Seasonal Menus

Nearly every individual enjoys spicing up their coffee order during the festive season. Our coffeehouse likes to add a bit more cheer to your day this winter season with our specialty winter menu. Add a bit of warmth to the bitter Indianapolis winter with our Spicy Gingerbread Latte or our Naughty or Nice mocha. If you prefer your classic order with a twist, test out our Chocolate Chai or Sweet Caramel Cold Brew. Pair your drink with a warm danish or muffin to set the seasonal vibe. 

The Finest Coffees

Here at Command Coffee house, we believe premium roasts create the most delicious cup of coffee. Whether you order caffeinated or decaf, we make your coffee with Ethiopian or Honduras blends. 

Ethiopian Sidama

Ethiopian Sidama is our current premium roast. Sourced from the Sidama Region in southern Ethiopia, this roast has notes of strawberry, raspberry, and Chocolate. Complement this roast with a sweet dessert item from our menu for a delectable experience. 

Honduras Santa Lucia 

With flavor profiles of citrus, caramel, and a hint of nuttiness, the Honduras Santa Lucia roast will entice any coffee lover. We source these beans from a socially conscious coffee producer who values high-quality products and craftsmanship.

Best Breakfast Pairings With Coffee Type

If you identify as an early raising who immediately searches “early morning breakfast near me,” you hope to find a coffeehouse that suits your needs. Some early risers enjoy a quick run before breakfast and need to carbo-load after, while others want a simple expresso shot. We recommend some of the following coffee and food pairings to elevate your experience with Command Coffee:

  • Light roasts - For those who need a dose of sugar in the morning, try one of our scrumptious cheesecakes with a light roast blend, such as our Salted Caramel Cold Brew.
  • Medium roasts - Medium roasts pair well with nut-based food to increase the nutty profile of the coffee. We recommend pairing one of our Honduras-sourced roasts with our pretzels and hummus spread to increase the nuttiness of the roast. 
  • Espressos - Expressos go best with savory foods. Try any of our savory desserts with our expertly crafted espresso shots. 
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Best Breakfast In Indianapolis

Are you in the market for a new coffeehouse? You may intend to find a quiet space to work or need a reliable cup of coffee fast. Either way, Command Coffee will provide an equally satisfying experience. For the best coffee and breakfast in Indianapolis, visit our coffeehouse next time you crave an exceptional experience from a socially conscious shop. 

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