Best Coffee in Indianapolis

Best Coffee in Indianapolis

Coffee tastes great, is easy to find and brew, and has proven health benefits. It’s no surprise coffee continues to be America’s most popular beverage. The National Coffee Association states that over 65% of Americans drink coffee daily. That’s a lot of coffee. There are many options, from store brands to independent roasters and cute coffee shops, including one with the best coffee in Indianapolis. 

As of 2022, there are 65,410 US coffee shops - including local independent coffee shops and national chains. How do you find the best? How often do you search “coffee shop near me,” especially if you’re in a new place? How many searches does it take to find the best “coffee shop near me”? Command Coffee is your answer if you’re looking for the best coffee in Indianapolis. 

What Makes Coffee “The Best” 

Before locating the best cup of coffee, you need to figure out what makes a good cup of coffee. While everyone has their opinion on what’s good and what isn’t, there is some science behind a good cup of coffee. It’s a combination of factors: the bean quality, freshness, roasting, and brewing method. 

Coffee beans sourced from different regions have variations in taste and hints of other flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and fruit. The fresher the beans, the better the coffee. Some folks prefer a darker roast or a lighter roast. Our coffee is sourced from high-quality beans from Ethiopia and Honduras and roasted in-house for the freshest possible brew. If you’re buying our coffee to brew at home, you can buy whole beans and grind them just when you need them for the freshest cup possible. 

The brewing method plays a significant role in the taste of coffee. Some people prefer the convenience of a standard drip coffee maker, while others prefer the richer taste that results from a French press. For those who drink their coffee cold, there’s a difference between brewing hot and then chilling to make an iced coffee or letting the beans cold brew for hours for a bolder flavor. 

The coffee-to-water ratio also determines how strong your cup will be. More coffee means a more robust cup. Some folks like their coffee extra strong and prefer lighter cups. While we can tell you what makes good coffee good, you can find an exceptional cup at Command Coffee. 

Command Coffee: The Best Coffee in Indianapolis

Our quality coffee and fresh roasts make Command Coffee the best coffee around. Visit the best coffee shop in Indianapolis for a quality cup, or grab some of our coffee to brew, whichever you prefer, without leaving your house.

Our Impressive Collection 

Coffee is the heart of our business. We offer premium roasts such as our Ethiopian Sidama with hints of strawberry, raspberry, and chocolate and the Honduras Honey Decaf, which took 1st Place in the Golden Bean North America in the Decaf Category. When we say quality coffee, we mean it. 

Everyone who drinks coffee has a different preference. Some only drink it black. Some need flavor, cream, and sugar. Others drink iced coffee year-round, while some limit it to the warmer months. Our talented baristas can brew a cup however you like it - hot, iced, or cold brew in the form of a latte or cappuccino. Add in some flavor: vanilla, hazelnut, lavender, caramel, toffee nut, raspberry, Irish cream, cane sugar, cinnamon, mocha, or white mocha, to enjoy it just how you like it. We even have a variety of milk substitutions - oat, almond, soy, or coconut - at no extra charge!

Our menu is impressive - complete with all the classics and seasonal offerings, such as honey lavender macchiato, cookies and creme frappe, salted caramel cold brew with sweet cream cold foam, and pistachio latte. And for any non-coffee drinkers, we offer a variety of teas - hot or iced! 

More Than Just Coffee

Good coffee and good food aren’t just about taste. The atmosphere, energy, mug you’re drinking from, and the company you’re with all affect the taste. Even just subconsciously. Coffee at a local shop with a friend can taste better than a cup in your kitchen. Food on vacation can taste better than something you’d make at home. Some of it can be a placebo effect, but some effects are genuine. The water quality, tools and equipment, ingredients' freshness, and baristas' skills all affect the taste of a cup of coffee. Those are things we can control.

We can’t control who you’re with, your mood, or the weather (because a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day just tastes extra good), but we can guarantee a cute coffee shop, positive energy, and much more than drinks on the menu. We’ve got breakfast items and pastries, lunch options, and an excellent environment for catching up with friends or getting some work done. 

We don’t just roast the best coffee. We are the best coffee shop in Indianapolis. 

The Best Coffee at Home

If you’re one of the many Americans who prefer to brew their coffee at home, don't worry! You can still start your days and have that mid-afternoon pick-me-up with the best coffee in Indianapolis, even if you’re miles away from the best coffee shop in Indianapolis. We ship our coffee all across the United States. For extra convenience, we offer a coffee subscription, so you never have to worry about running out. 

Enjoy the Best Coffee

Don’t just listen to us. Listen to our customers and our 4.5 stars on Google. If you’re local, skip the search for “coffee shop near me” and check out our cute coffee shop. If you’re not in the area, get the best coffee in Indianapolis delivered right to your door. 

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