Best Iced Coffee Drinks for the Summer

Best Iced Coffee Drinks for the Summer

While hot coffee is the perfect drink for cold winter mornings, especially if you have a long day ahead, it tends to lose its spark on hot summer days. Iced coffee drinks for the summer allow you to enjoy your favorite beverages with a twist. Finding the best iced coffee drinks for the summer is a great way to try new things and enjoy the caffeine and flavor you love. 

Iced Coffee vs. Hot Coffee

It may seem evident that iced and hot coffee are similar, but they aren’t the same. Iced coffee is made using hot coffee as a base. The coffee is then cooled and served over ice. A type of iced coffee that many people enjoy is called cold brew, which is not the same as iced coffee at all. Cold brew is made by steeping coffee grounds in water, like making tea. If you get a cold brew, it will taste much different from standard iced coffee. Iced coffee tends to be much more watered down due to the ice, whereas cold brew is not. There are so many ways you can change up coffee drinks, so knowing the difference between the kinds of coffee can help you choose your best iced coffee drinks for the summer. 


Why is iced coffee different? It has to do with a chemical reaction in the coffee itself. Leaving coffee out causes the chemical compounds to dissolve and become acidic. Iced coffee is cooled quickly, changing those chemicals distinctly. 

How Much Caffeine Is in Coffee? 

Another thing most people don’t know is that the caffeine content in coffee changes drastically between the different kinds of coffee. Iced coffee is one of the least caffeinated coffee drinks, partially due to it being watered down by ice. Cold brew has about twice as much caffeine as regular coffee, depending on whether it is watered down. Most coffee has about 80-100 milligrams per cup. In comparison, a 12-ounce can of soda contains about 30-40 milligrams, and a cup of black or green tea has about 30-50 milligrams. So knowing how much caffeine is in coffee is a great way to decide which kind of coffee you prefer and what you might enjoy the most. Decaffeinated coffee is also a great option if you don’t want to worry about the caffeine content! 

Iced Coffee Drinks

When you want a delicious iced coffee, how do you order it? There are many different options. Some are simple and similar to the hot coffee versions, but you should try something new. You might love it! 

Flat White vs. Latte 

A flat white is a steamed milk drink that also contains espresso. Similar to a latte, it has more of an espresso flavor. However, as an iced drink, it tends to be richer and more robust. You can order one by asking for an iced flat white! Iced lattes are much creamier, as they contain much more steamed milk, and they also usually differ in sizes, as flat whites most often come in 6 oz. sizes rather than a standard 8 oz. latte. Lattes have a lot more milk and tend to be more foamy as well. A flat white is also similar in some ways to a cappuccino! 

Iced Cappuccino vs. Mocha

A cappuccino is a very similar drink to a latte, and an iced cappuccino is a great way to enjoy one. Iced cappuccinos are made with espresso, milk, ice, and cold foam. The cold foam makes it so refreshing and delicious! An iced cappuccino vs. mocha is another interesting comparison. A mocha is made with almost the same ingredients but with chocolate shavings or syrup added! An iced mocha is a chocolatey, sweet drink you will surely enjoy. 


A frappe is one of those classic iced coffee drinks for the summer. A frappe is made with instant coffee, and it’s shaken, giving it a great flavor. Because of this, it is well mixed, which gives it a recognizable and satisfying taste. Frappes are easy to make and order, so that you can find them almost anywhere. Some people add sweetened condensed milk for a sweet treat. A frappuccino is a unique coffee in that it’s almost more like an ice cream than a coffee drink. You don’t even have to add coffee to a frappuccino! With or without coffee, frappuccinos are a delicious and sweet drink with smooth blended ice. You can even make a mocha frappuccino!

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Choosing Your Coffee

One of the best things about coffee is its versatility and the wide range of options you have to choose from. Almost any coffee drink can be made iced, and there are already so many different kinds. Add to that the ranging coffee beans, and you can try new coffee drinks for practically your whole life! If you know what kind of coffee you love, you can always try something similar and see if you enjoy it. Who knows? You might find a new favorite! Take the time this summer to enjoy something new by trying a different kind of iced coffee. Whether it’s an iced cappuccino vs. mocha or a flat white vs. a latte, you can try new drinks and be sure to find something to love! And as always, you can come to a great location, such as Command Coffee in Indianapolis, or buy one of our brews to make at home.

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