Best Unique Coffee Shops in Indianapolis

Best Unique Coffee Shops in Indianapolis

Coffee shops are an essential establishment in today’s world since coffee consistently ranks as one of the most popular beverages around the world. If people want a quick drink to go or a place to stop and enjoy their food and drinks with friends, a coffee shop is one of the most popular places to go. There are a lot of unique coffee shops in Indianapolis, so how do you choose which one to visit?

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History of Coffee Shops

The earliest record of a coffee shop goes back to 1475 in Constantinople. In the mid-1600s, they took off after the first shop opened in Oxford in London, England. Not only did people enjoy the coffee itself, but the coffee shops also became popular places for discussing work and business opportunities. People started to call these shops “penny universities.” A coffee cost only a penny each, and the shops were occupied mainly by highly educated people. The culture of coffee shops was also influential in the early days of America. The Tontine Coffee House from the late 1700s became so crucial to the businesspeople in the area that it eventually became the New York Stock Exchange site. Today, you can seemingly find a coffee shop on every corner. Whether you’re in a big city or a small town, finding “coffee near me,” such as cafes in Indianapolis, is easy!

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What to Look for in a Unique Coffee Shop in Indianapolis

Since they’ve become famous, ensuring fun coffee shops is crucial to long-term success. You should look for these things when searching for cafes in Indianapolis:

Quality Products

Successful and fun coffee shops sell essential products. One needs to sell something people can’t get anywhere else. If people can make coffee of the same quality at home, there’s no reason to visit. Look at what unique and high-quality offerings are available, such as seasonal drinks or a twist on a classic pastry. This also goes for the other food and drinks.

Great Customer Service

Take note of how the baristas interact with you and other customers. Are they friendly, or do they snap when someone asks for something more complicated? Part of excellent customer service at fun coffee shops is offering suggestions to customers and being polite at all times. Often, the employees' attitudes set apart one coffee shop from another.

Fun and Welcoming Atmosphere

Some coffee shops have an incredibly welcoming environment. How this translates into decor can vary depending on the company’s niche. However, comfortable seating, good music, and the smell of fresh coffee can all contribute to the atmosphere. Some coffee shops also offer books you can read while you’re there and return when you leave. Or, you may find board games to play with your friends while enjoying your drinks. All of these factors and more contribute to the overall atmosphere of a fun coffee shop.

Comfortable Furniture

Along with the atmosphere, how comfortable is the seating in the coffee shop? Some cafes in Indianapolis don’t want to encourage customers to sit down and stay for a while. Instead, they’d prefer you take your drink to go. The best coffee shops will have comfortable furniture encouraging customers to enjoy another drink.

Community Involvement

Area coffee shops are essential parts of the communities they are in. A coffee shop with a presence in the surrounding area is a great one to support! Take note of whether a cafe does things such as promoting local events and other local businesses or participating in community activities.

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What Makes Command Coffee Unique?

Many things make Command Coffee one of the best unique coffee shops in Indianapolis when you’re searching for “coffee near me.” We know you have a lot of places to choose from, so these are the reasons you should choose Command Coffee when you’re looking for “coffee near me”:

Our Convenient Location

First, our location makes us an ideal spot to enjoy your coffee. We are just blocks from Historic Meridian Park, one of the most appealing neighborhoods in Indianapolis. You won’t get tired of seeing the attractive architecture on your drive to our fun coffee shop.

Our Impressive Menu

Our menu includes all the classic coffee drinks you can think of, like macchiatos, hot chocolates, lattes, and cappuccinos. You’ll also want to check out our Command Cup, a drip coffee with a double shot of espresso. We like to say it is a great way to take command of your day! If you’re interested in tea, we have a variety of options available. For example, we offer black, fruit, herbal, and green tea.

If you prefer non-dairy milk, we also have oat, soy, coconut, and almond milk. And the best part is that we don’t charge extra when you choose a different milk. Check out our seasonal drink menu to see what new drinks we’ll have for a limited time. If you’re into the cold foam trend, we have that too! We can do regular cold foam, sweet cream cold foam, and other flavored cold foam.

Plus, we are more than just a coffee shop. Aside from our extensive drink menu, we also offer pastries, a breakfast menu, and a lunch menu. Some of our most popular options are breakfast sandwiches, danishes, muffins, and rice noodle bowls.

Next time you’re looking for a unique coffee shop in Indianapolis, come check out what we offer at Command Coffee!

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