Coffee Around the World

Coffee Around the World

People worldwide follow a similar daily ritual of waking up and making a cup of coffee. However, coffee around the world differs from country to country. From its humble beginnings in Ethiopia to becoming a big phenomenon in Indianapolis, coffee has a rich history. It also has a diverse range of flavors and ways of preparation. In this article, Command Coffee will discuss the many ways coffee is prepared worldwide. 

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The origin of coffee goes back centuries to Ethiopia. Legend has it that a goat herder discovered coffee when his goats became energized after eating coffee cherries. This encounter was very serendipitous and led to the birth of coffee. Ethiopia even has traditional coffee ceremonies that last hours, so Ethiopia knows what it’s doing when it comes to coffee! 

The ceremony is called a “buna.” It is a coffee-making ceremony that involves roasting the coffee bean, grinding, and brewing the coffee beans. It is done with a big community. The tradition is very beautiful and filled with so much coffee history. Ethiopian coffee is renowned for its fruity and floral flavors, with popular varieties like Yirgacheffe and Sidamo. Check out our Command Coffee Ethiopian blend.  


France is an international hotspot for some of the best coffee. When you think of France, you think of the Eiffel Tower or a café with a croissant and coffee. A local favorite is a café au lait. A  café au lait combines ¾ hot brewed coffee with ¼ steamed milk. The frothy milk layer is reminiscent of a latte and has much more caffeine since it is made with brewed coffee instead of espresso. 


You can’t go wrong with a glass of Irish Coffee. This hot cup of coffee is mixed with Irish whiskey, sugar, and a layer of whipped cream. It may not be a coffee for your everyday morning routine, but it is a great delicacy and treat. Transport your taste buds to the beautiful land of Ireland with Irish coffee. 


This article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Italy, the birthplace of espresso. Italians are very serious about their coffee. The art of making the perfect espresso is deeply ingrained in Italian culture. Most espressos are enjoyed at a café or sipped leisurely at home. A perfectly pulled shot of espresso is sweet and bold at the same time. The rich and intense flavor of Italian espresso is a testament to the passion of Italians. Since espresso is unique with every shot, try our espresso at Command Coffee! It can give you a preview before you book that flight to Italy. 


In Turkey, coffee is more than just a beverage. It is also a ritual. Turkish coffee is prepared by grinding the beans into a fine powder and brewing it in a special pot called a cezve. The result is a thick and strong coffee. It is often served with a slide of lokum, known as Turkish delight. Coffee is so essential to Turkish culture that UNESCO (the United Nations Education, Scientific Cultural Organization) added it to its list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2013. The tradition of fortune-telling from the coffee grounds is another popular activity in Turkey and the surrounding countries. Turkish coffee symbolizes friendship and gratitude for those we love most. 

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Colombia is known for its breathtaking culture and fabulous cuisine, but it also has some of the best coffee in the world. The country’s ideal climate and fertile soil make for high-quality Arabica beans. Colombian coffee is known to be very smooth and well-balanced. It is a favorite among coffee lovers worldwide. Exploring the coffee farms and participating in a coffee-tasting session in Columbia is an experience you’ve got to have.


Mexico is another country that is known for its coffee. There are plenty of coffee farms scattered throughout Mexico. The most popular way to drink coffee in Mexico is with simple ingredients.   Café de Olla is a traditional coffee drink mixture of cinnamon and piloncillo, a native Mexican sugar. Since the only things added to the coffee are cinnamon and sugar, you’ll get to taste all the coffee’s flavors. The cinnamon unlocks the earthy taste of the coffee. The sugar makes the beans’ natural sweetness even sweeter. The next time you’re in Mexico, get yourself one of these delightful drinks! 


Spaniards love their coffee. The coffee is a mixture of Hispanic and European tastes in one cup. A classic drink that is very popular among locals is called the  Café Bombon. Café Bombon is the perfect mixture of condensed milk and espresso. You can start by pouring condensed milk into the bottom layer of your glass and then topping it off with steaming hot espresso. Since the condensed milk is much denser than the espresso, it won’t mix. This drink is perfect for hot sunny days when you just need some sweetness to start your day. 


Vietnam is one of the largest producers of Robusta coffee. The coffee is known for its strong and bold flavors. A popular Vietnamese coffee preparation is the famous “ca phe sua da,” a strong Robusta coffee poured over sweetened condensed milk and ice. This Vietnamese coffee is a delightful dessert or a great midday pick-me-up. 

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Arabic Coffee 

Serving Arabic coffee is an important part of hospitality in Arab societies. It is largely considered to be an act of generosity. Coffee is traditionally prepared for guests. Arabic coffee is typically prepared with a selection of lightly roasted beans in a shallow pan over a fire. It is then placed into a copper mortar and pounded with a copper pestle. The coffee grounds are placed into a large coffee pot, where water is added. Once brewed, it is poured into small cups. 

As we conclude our journey of coffee around the world, it’s clear that coffee is not just a beverage. It is a universal language known all over the globe that brings people together. From Ethiopian coffee to the rich traditions of Turkey, coffee offers a big variety of flavors and experiences to be savored. We hope this article inspired you to try out different countries’ traditional coffees. Or if you’re old-school and just want an old-fashioned American cup of joe, Command Coffee is the place to be. We have all kinds of coffee-based and espresso drinks. You’re sure to find something you’ll love! 

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